About Us


Star Link Global Group is a trading and product development company, with several strategic alliances in China, India, and the USA.  We’ve been providing novelty and specialty gift items for more than 25 years, and have always had our pulse on trend.  We have the ability to bring products to the marketplace first through direct importers.

Our sourcing and development teams work closely with each factory to develop products across many platforms.  Our customers are wholesale importers, specialty retailers, and large value chains.  We do not import or stock any items.  Our business model is strictly working on a direct import basis, and passing the value on to the customer.

Star Link Global Group produces hundreds of items each year under an array of established brands.  Our products have a proven history of retailing extremely well in many global markets.  We have customers in over 50 countries, and we work with several different classes of traders that can direct import.


We produce innovative plush products (many with squeeze-me sound effects) which are designed to stand out in a crowded marketplace.  We are also one of the world leaders in hand-crafted polyresin and ceramics.  In addition, we are aligned with largest supplier of semi-precious gemstones and provide well-marketed packaged kits and loose stone programs that are very unique to us.


We are partnered with one of the leading fragrance factories in India, and have developed a variety of uniquely branded products for the home.  We provide assorted incense items, scented oils, candles, wax melts, scented sprays, essential oils and gift sets.  Further, we develop dynamic brands with outstanding packaging design, creating additional value to our customers.  Our fragrance brands have superb innovative packaging that creates tremendous margin opportunities.


Star Link Global Group has aligned with sage growers and a high-quality incense factory.  Our sage is known to be the best in the world, and we are now proudly one of the world’s leading producers.  We work closely with growers to ensure the sage plant is protected and harvested in the safest way possible.  In addition, we provide one of the highest quality hand dipped incense products in the world, and are able to offer incense in hundreds of blends and scents at rock bottom prices.   Select a packaged program, or we can create your own private label.  We deliver turnaround from production to shipping, and are ready to assist you!